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Multiplexing Detection Kits in Development

Dec 19 2008

Guava Technologies, Inc has announced that it is in the final stages of development of a series of new bead-based multiplex detection kits for cytokines and chemokines. The development effort is intended to meet the needs of drug discovery researchers focusing on the areas of immunology, inflammation, and oncology. The kits, which will be available within the next several months, will save researchers time and money, improving laboratory productivity and efficiency.

The new bead-based multiplexed assays will give pharma and biotech researchers a direct comparative measurement of multiple protein expression patterns without the need for extrapolation among results from independent assays. This new powerful capability will allow
researchers to obtain an overall picture of the way a particular stimulus, such as a new drug candidate, affects multiple proteins simultaneously. Consequently a more accurate prediction of the
overall physiological effects of the stimulus, such as the response to a drug candidate, is achievable.

In addition, the new multiplexed assays will also help researchers identify differences in proteins or protein levels between healthy and disease states, providing insight into disease cause and progression.

Based on innovative fluorescence technology, the new bead-based offer higher sensitivity and a greater linear range of detection than assays that employ enzymatic or colorimetric readouts. The first bead-based kits to hit the market will target cytokines and chemokines. They will be sold as individual kits. In addition, Guava Technologies will offer several pre-packaged multiplex kits. The kits will be compatible with Guava® Flow Cytometers, such as the Guava EasyCyte™ Plus System,
running Guava® Simplicity Software, which, like the detection kits, is in the final development stage and will be available within several months.

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