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Making Multi-colour Analysis Easy

Aug 16 2007

Guava Technologies Inc. has introduced a new generation of software for its Guava EasyCyte? Plus microcapillary flow cytometry system.

Guava ExpressPro? software has been designed to simplify the traditional complexity of multi-colour detection. Designed for both data acquisition and analysis, the intuitive software interface allows you to visualise up to 8 plots simultaneously, while still accessing operation or data analysis functions, all from the same screen. With just a right click of the mouse, features including the plot type, marker selection, statistics, gates, and other functions, are easily selected and customised to your experimental design. Colour coded dots allow you to simply follow your gating strategies across multiple plots and histograms. Special batch file printing of 96-well data and downloading of screen shots to a clipboard provide easy incorporation into presentation or report writing formats.

Novice and experts alike will appreciate the Guava EasyCyte? Plus. The compact system combines ease of use, affordability and 96-well high throughput screening with the expanded capabilities of a fourth colour option. The unique, built-in 96-well sample tray feature also accommodates an additional 10 sample tubes, providing added flexibility for varying throughput needs. Simultaneous four-colour fluorescence detection greatly expands the results obtainable from any one well, simplifying simultaneous monitoring of more complex biological studies such as white blood cell phenotyping, cell signaling, cytokine production, activation marker analysis, and multiplex compound screening. Monitoring the interplay of up to four different biological mechanisms simultaneously improves the efficiency of experimental outputs. Not only does this shorten the number of iterations for any one experiment, it also comes that much closer to mimicking the complex biological responses within the body. Easy integration with third party plate handlers makes high throughput flow cytometry a reality.

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