• Cost-effective cameras advance medical imaging

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Cost-effective cameras advance medical imaging

Jun 06 2023

Budget-friendly cameras support the development of many applications for medical technology and laboratory. They can therefore be considered an important growth driver. IDS Imaging Development Systems has developed several camera families for this purpose, which are characterised by different sensors, housings and lens mounts in order to enable better diagnostics and research.

IDS' low-cost cameras of the uEye XLE, XCP and XLS series, which are featured on the company's website, are equipped with different sensors from 2 to 12 MP and deliver detailed images. Furthermore, their small size makes them well-suited for installation in small medical devices as well as other embedded vision applications. Like all IDS cameras, they are characterised by "quality made in Germany", user-friendliness and long availability. The models are equipped with the basic functions for high-quality, industry-standard image evaluation and avoid unnecessary over-engineering.

Industrial imaging for laboratories

Jürgen Hejna, Product Manager at IDS, explains: "Many applications benefit from image processing. By no means, however, does it always have to be the high-end solution. With these models, we offer our customers reliable and affordable options for versatile applications."

In consequence, laboratories and medical facilities can now take advantage of machine vision even when budgets are limited. With their high-resolution CMOS sensors, the cameras enable professionals to capture detailed images that are essential for accurate diagnosis and research. This versatility allows medical personnel and researchers to optimise their workflows and adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of medical technology.

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