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Industrial camera with OnCamera AI + Compression + Streaming

Dec 05 2023

Inspect, compare, sort out: Cameras are now almost indispensable when it comes to identifying defects. The combination of self-learning algorithms with image processing offers enormous possibilities. Ease of use, cost, performance and reliability are important factors when it comes to selecting the right technology.

IDS NXT is a user-friendly all-in-one AI system with perfectly harmonised components that benefits both beginners and professionals. This saves time and development resources and helps users obtain their solution faster. Easy-to-use tools cover the entire development process, from capturing and labelling images to training a neural network and the actual application. Here, the AI runs directly on the cameras. This means that, as intelligent embedded devices, they can act as an important interface in interconnected systems.

New camera for live overlays in compressed video streams

The system is being continuously expanded. Brand new: the intelligent industrial camera IDS NXT malibu. It combines consumer technology from Ambarella and industrial quality from IDS. The result is a new class of intelligent industrial cameras that unite on-camera AI, compression and streaming as edge devices. Image analyses are performed at high speed (>25fps) and provided, for example, as live overlays in compressed video streams via RTSP protocol. Thanks to the SoC’s integrated image signal processor (ISP), the information captured by the light-sensitive onsemi AR0521 image sensor is processed directly on the camera and accelerated by its integrated hardware. The camera also offers helpful automatic features, such as brightness, noise and colour correction, which significantly improve image quality.

"With IDS NXT malibu, we have developed an industrial camera that can analyse images in real time and incorporate results directly into video streams,” summarises Kai Hartmann, Product Innovation Manager at IDS Imaging Development Systems. “The combination of on-camera AI with compression and streaming is a novelty in the industrial setting, opening up new application scenarios for intelligent image processing."

The new camera has entered series production. It is part of the IDS NXT all-in-one AI system. Optimally coordinated components – from the camera to the AI vision studio – accompany the entire workflow. This includes the acquisition of images and their labelling, through to the training of a neural network and its execution on the IDS NXT series of cameras.

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