• Industrial-grade webcam for laboratory and medical applications

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Industrial-grade webcam for laboratory and medical applications

May 02 2023

Combining the ease of use of a webcam with the performance and reliability of an industrial camera? The uEye XC autofocus camera from IDS Imaging Development Systems proves that this is possible. Its high-resolution imaging, simple setup and adaptability make it an invaluable tool for improving quality control and streamlining workflows in laboratory and medical settings – especially for cases where users would normally use a webcam.

The uEye XC autofocus camera features a 13 MP onsemi sensor and supports two different protocols: USB3 Vision, which enables programmability and customisation, and UVC (USB Video Class). The UVC functionality enables a single cable connection for easy setup and commissioning, while delivering high-resolution images and video. This makes the uEye XC camera an ideal option for applications that require quick setup and need to manage variable object distances. Additional features such as digital zoom, automatic white balance and colour correction ensure precise detail capture, which is essential for quality control in laboratory and medical applications.

Camera developed for industrial requirements

Claudia Kirsch, IDS Imaging Development Systems, explains, "With its features, the camera can shine wherever consumer webcams were previously used to produce perfect images at low cost and with little effort, but where industrial quality isl required." Unlike consumer webcams, the uEye XC autofocus camera uses components with long availability, making it suitable for industrial use.

Versatility in medical and laboratory applications

Its lightweight magnesium housing and compact dimensions of 32 x 61 x 19 mm (W x H x D) enable easy integration into image processing systems. In addition, the camera's quick-change macro attachment lens enables close-up imaging by shortening the minimum distance to the subject. This could be used to detect skin lesions, for example, and enables enabling high-quality images for online consultations and diagnoses. The camera is also available in convenient starter sets with useful accessories that help to evaluate its potential for applications across all industries.

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