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The Book of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Lists

May 08 2019

The Book of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Lists is a comprehensive reference source for everyone. Lists are the most suitable way to easily examine trends and this book contains over 150 lists covering virtually every aspect of today’s biopharma arena. Anyone from researchers, teachers, medical writers to patients and students can use this information for a multitude of purposes from drafting a new regulation, news reporting or shaping the diagnosis of a life-threatening disease. Companies also rely on volumes of data to act as tradable assets and most large biopharma companies inventory the data they collect in an attempt to find specific uses for it.

Lists of companies belonging to major trade organisations, ranking of companies by revenue and information on revenue growth is provided, as well as merger and acquisitions and mega mergers that characterised the 1990’s and 2000’s. Chapter 2 focuses on global and US markets, thus allowing comparisons such as pharma spending across different markets and changes over time. Chapter 3 explores innovation in the pharmaceutical industry and he different shapes and patterns over time. Tables are devoted to listing new products in development for numerous conditions and diseases and success rates of investigational new drugs and failure rates at each stage of the testing process. Chapters 4 and 5 examine U.S health information and its medication use and expenditures. The USA still represents the largest economy in the world and is in the top three markets for pharmaceuticals, therefore its statistics are of great significance. Tables on patterns of drug use, drug class, age of patients and demographic factors are provided as is information on average annual healthcare expenditure by age, income and education and uninsured patients. Chapter 6 aids the debate over the quality of different pharma research journals, books and resources by implementing the ‘Impact Factor’ to rank the top journals against each other based on citations. Lastly Chapter 7 provides raw data about the nature of health resources and ratios of services and providers to populations. Tables display notable differences with regards to life, death and disease and the connection these have to wealth and affluence.

Despite the advancement of the internet to fact-find, this book is a valuable one-stop reference tool.

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