• Customised special solutions for temperature control technology
  • Maximum purity for the semiconductor industry
  • Customized special solution - W56 with 4 individually controllable flow channels

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Customised special solutions for temperature control technology

Sep 05 2023

JULABO is one of the world's leading manufacturers of temperature control instruments for research, industry, and science. For over five decades, the company's premium products have always provided customers with the exact temperature at the desired time.

With professional expertise and great commitment, the temperature control experts are driving forward the development in temperature control technology, always taking into account sustainable and resource-saving business management. As a result, JULABO permanently lives up to its responsibility as a premium provider at the top of the world market. All services are provided from a single source at the headquarters and technology location in Seelbach: from research and development to production – all "made in Germany".

JULABO instruments were once primarily found in the laboratory, but circulators and new products such as PRESTO process systems are now also increasingly used in the process industry and automation. The demand for customised solutions is increasing in the process industry especially. This means that customers are demanding products or solutions that meet their precise temperature control requirements. JULABO has not only listened to its customers but has also responded to these very requirements by setting up its own Business Unit Solutions.

The JULABO Business Unit Solutions (BUS), an in-house development team of engineers and designers, specialises specifically in optimising or modifying existing equipment designs to meet individual customer requirements. Many years of experience and maximum flexibility are the perfect basis for extraordinary requirements. This is a foundation that enables the company to keep breaking new ground with its customers. This produces impressive results.

At the beginning of each development process, there is always an intensive exchange of information about the customer's wishes and expectations. Based on these findings, JULABO specialists develop an initial concept for an optimum solution, which takes technological and economic aspects into account. The focus is on practicability and cost effectiveness as well as on quality and benefits. Throughout the entire development phase, the team of experts is in close contact with the customer. After completion of the unit and extensive functional tests under simulated conditions, as well as after preparation of the required documents (e.g. CE approval), customer release and joint initial operation take place on-site. Attractive services round off JULABO's portfolio. Customers have the challenge, JULABO implements the perfect solution.


Maximum purity for the semiconductor industry
In the semiconductor industry, the highest value is placed on purity in order to achieve a perfect end product. The temperature control technology used must also meet these high requirements. For this reason JULABO developed a completely new customised device for the process development of photolithographic systems for a well-known customer. All materials used have been designed for use with deionised water (DI water) to prevent corrosion by design. In addition, special measures had to be taken with regard to sealing technology, as only a few selected materials such as stainless steel and PTFE were approved.

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