• Concentrating or Freeze-Drying Samples that Contain TFA, HCl, DMSO, Acetonitrile or just Water?

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Concentrating or Freeze-Drying Samples that Contain TFA, HCl, DMSO, Acetonitrile or just Water?

Apr 20 2012

LaboGene Aps of Denmark offer a free 14 day trial in your laboratory of the premier model from the ScanVac Vacuum
Concentrator range.

ScanSpeed MaxiVac systems offers the versatility of fast vacuum concentration or freeze drying of bio-logical or non-biological materials in a diverse range of solvents, with the flexibility of handling macro or micro sample volumes.

A compact, fast and environmentally friendly vacuum concentrator, ideal for concentrating large or small sample
volumes from 200x1.5/2ml Eppendorf tubes to 15 or 50ml tubes and also 4x250ml bottles... the choice is yours!

The unique, seamless condenser of the Cold Trap -110°C ensures faster and reproducible drying whilst protecting both the vacuum pump and the laboratory environment. Complete with independent trolley/rack system, so no bench
space is required, freeze-drying manifold and Vacuubrand pump with oil mist eliminator are also included.

A.Simple, Straight forward, trouble free Speed Vacuum Concentrator ... at your fingertips for a 14day free trial period… no questions! No obligations!

Easy to use Automatic System Includes timer, stop/start functions with full programming and storage of all operating parameters, such as vacuum levels, chamber temperature and run times.

As an Option we Offer Teflon coating to both the ScanSpeed Maxivaci Centrifuge and Cold Trap for longevity and protection from corrosion, especially when working with aggressive acids and solvents such as 6NHCl, TFA, DMSO,  and TSO as used in peptide precipitations.

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