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High Quality Affordable Testing to Perfection

Aug 25 2010

Mecmesin, a UK brand, synonymous with excellent quality, has designed and manufactured cost-effective, precision force and torque test equipment for over 30 years. Mecmesin began life in 1974 as ‘Mechanical
Measuring Instruments’ in the hands of James Edward Oakley, a former design engineer of high temperature bearings used within industrial power stations. Part of his product range at the time included imported lines
of force measurement equipment, sold on behalf of a US manufacturer. It was in 1977, that the brand, Mecmesin was born, and 1979, when James’ son, Robert Oakley, joined the business.

Robert chose to focus on force measurement, pursuing an aggressive plan for business independence and a desire to grow a manufacturing base to export products worldwide, but especially into Europe. This resulted in the company’s first factory, which opened in 1986. Robert comments: “Purchasing the factory was a turning point, enabling us to evolve from import dependency into a manufacturing exporter, and whilst the transition wasn’t easy we changed our profile completely in a relatively short timeframe. Our equipment range, our markets and the industries we address have all moved along with that growth over the last three decades“.

Demonstrating strong family ethics towards employees, Robert faced some tough decisions when the recession of the 80’s hit the UK economy and British manufacturing, in particular. The company continued to grow, however, and prospered once the economy recovered. Since then, Mecmesin has continued to evolve, producing a versatile range of force and torque test equipment, from hand held gauges to twin-column test systems
capable of testing up to 50kN. Adopting a global approach, the company has forged strong ties abroad, benefiting from an extended family of over 50 distributors, utilising their expertise locally for sales and support in markets worldwide. Robert continues to strategically plan the company’s future, taking advantage of China’s booming marketplace by acquiring machining facilities for the manufacture of component parts, and also
opening regional sales subsidiaries in the US, Thailand and China.

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