• Still Using Old-School Temperature Control Methods Like Freezers and Dry Ice for Your Tubes?

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Still Using Old-School Temperature Control Methods Like Freezers and Dry Ice for Your Tubes?

Mar 02 2021

Now you can have the flexibility to use any tube you need knowing that the sample integrity will be stable and preserved. How is this possible? Through thermally controlled MéCour tube racks. Protect and control the end results via the highly reproducible thermal systems we design to eliminate erratic temperature distribution to all tube samples.

MéCour thermal tube rack units can accommodate any type or style of culture, centrifuge, PCR or cryotube, to name just a few. Straight wall, round or conical bottom tubes are recessed in individual thermal wells that provide efficient, constant thermal transfer at specified temperatures. Compact, low-profile thermal units are designed for either benchtop or automated applications and offer a working temperature range between
-85°C to +250°C with a +/- 0.1°C temperature precision.

All MéCour units are connected to recirculating baths that guarantee the thermal control you need to run your applications. Specify what you need to support your workflow, and MéCour will design and provide the system that complies with what you require.

MéCour thermal units are designed to comply with SBS footprint standards and to comply with your specific workflow demands. Tube racks provide anywhere from 6 to 1,000 tubes per unit. Multiple tube sizes and styles can also be mixed and contained in the same unit to provide uniform temperature to all tubes, regardless of sample volumes.

Our units support an infinite range of tubes and work requirements. Perfect for sample collections, long or short-term storage or incubation, testing or mixing. The work flow is never interrupted due to the need to change out tubes to another unit for different temperatures to control sample testing. All MéCour thermal systems provide the end user with the capability to conduct sample prep, cooling, freezing and controlled thawing, all within the same thermal tube rack unit. Simply change thermostatic setting or program in the desired controlled freeze or thawing rates.

Increase your workflow efforts without compromising end results and loss of valuable samples. Avoid work time loss from having to repeat processes to obtain accurate results. MéCour will design a system to your exact requirements and specifications. Our systems will support large batches of bioanalytical processes, from aliquoting through analysis of samples, while properly controlling desired temperature throughout the entire process. Request more information today.

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