• Thermal management for bottles that maintains sample integrity throughout entire work flow

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Thermal management for bottles that maintains sample integrity throughout entire work flow

Feb 02 2021

If your sample integrity demands that proper thermal management be effective throughout your entire work flow process, MéCour has the answer. 

Our thermal management systems enable you to accurately sustain set temperatures for your valuable samples. We offer a full range of thermal bottle units that accommodate the smallest 50mL bottles up to 5L carboys. Multiple bottle size configurations allow you to indefinitely control and maintain various reagent and media volumes at the same temperature in support of a wide range of chemical, immunological and biological assays. These units are robust and generate highly reproducible results.

All MéCour thermal units are connected to thermostatically controlled circulators that provide an operating temperature range of -80°C to a +250°C. The MéCour thermal units allow you to easily change temperature settings per assay and work flow requirements. No need to change out the thermal unit. All units provide both heating or cooling management. Reaction time for temperature changes is quick and controlled. No spiking or prolonged lag time in reaching new temperature setting.

Any of these units can be integrated with stir plates and or shakers if gentle suspension or vigorous mixing is required. Working temperature range (the temperature at which MéCour guarantees actual sample temperature) is from -90°C to 250°C.

Compact and easy to use, these thermal systems are designed for either benchtop work or integration with a wide range of automated liquid handling systems to provide continuous temperature control of reagents or media throughout work flow process. MéCour thermal units are designed to accommodate virtually any quantity, bottle or vessel size, straight wall or conical style, in order to provide maximum direct temperature transfer.

Please contact us to provide the particular specifications you require to optimise your throughput and improve end results.

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