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Cooled Incubators IPP with Peltier Technology and ICP with Compressor

Apr 23 2008

Memmert is one of the very few manufacturers worldwide using the Peltier technology in their mass produced cooled incubators IPP which are offered in 4 different sizes – from 32 up to 108 litres. With reduction of energy consumption of up to 90% compared to compressor-cooled incubators especially when working around ambient temperature and an outstanding technology, these cooled incubators have been approved by experts all around the world, The high-performance compressor-type cooled incubators ICP are highly efficient for temperatures below 5°C, for short cooling down times and for incubating large quantities also taking advantage of the top technology of the new PERFECT-class controller.
No extra charge, but high benefit for GLP-conforming documentation – Memmert’s solution is the ring memory as data logger integrated in the controller recording all process related data over a period of 6 months. The flash protocole can be loaded via PC – no extra cost, as
serial interface RS 232 or RS 485 including software "Celsius 2007" are also standard. 7-day-programme-timer and ramp timer for up to 40 ramps each adjustable from 1 min. up to 999 hours as well as MEMoryCard with 32 kB for programming and documentation provide additional comfort
Another technical highlight is the “ASF“ Automatic Safety Function - automatically following the setpoint temperature thus optimally protecting your load. A safety corridor with adjustable tolerance band for over- and under temperature is being activated in programme operation. An acoustic and visual alarm is being released in case of over- or undertemperature, and the heating resp. cooling system is switched off. An electronic microprocessor over temperature controller protection class 3.3 is also a standard accessory. FDA-conforming software and User-ID-Card which protect your cooled incubator from manipulation through unauthorised third parties are available against extra charge.

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