• Comparative study of moisture analysis techniques on cannabis

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Comparative study of moisture analysis techniques on cannabis

Feb 12 2024

The accurate determination of moisture in cannabis is crucial for maintaining potency and quality. Whilst Loss on Drying (LOD) is still the most popular method, its lack of specificity often misclassifies volatile components like terpenes as moisture, which compromises accuracy. Karl Fischer (KF) titration, however, is the only chemically specific test for moisture.

A Metrohm KF titrator and oven revolutionises efficiency by eliminating the need for laborious sample preparation. This is done by directly weighing approximately 0.5 grams of a cannabis sample into our sealed vial.

In a rigorous analysis of 66 cannabis samples, KF titration consistently outperformed LOD, offering chemically precise results. Furthermore, Metrohm’s Hydranal-Water Standard KF-Oven confirms exceptional system functionality, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

For scientists and researchers seeking unparalleled precision in moisture analysis, Karl Fischer titration emerges as the definitive solution, discerning true moisture content amidst volatile compounds like terpenes.

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