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New Robotic Usb Sample Processor Xl

Jan 24 2007

USB ports of the 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL bring automation to the Titrando family, from Metrohm. In this case the advantages of the Titrando are combined with the possibilities which automation provides. Whether operation takes place from a PC using PC Control or using 840 Touch Control you have a top-class compact system.

Basic operations of modern automation such as pipetting, transferring, aliquoting, dosing and dispensing have become child's play thanks to the new types of Metrohm Sample Processor models. Reproducibility and accuracy are the alpha and omega in analysis and therefore one of the main demands placed on automation. The Sample Processor family ensures constant dosing, exact pipetting, complete transferring and perfect repeatability when dosing in the range from 10 microliters up to 100 milliliters, i.e. over no less than four orders of magnitude.

If a 786 Swing Head is used then the numbers and amounts of samples can be varied within very wide limits. The increased flexibility results as the range of positions on the Sample Processor which can be accessed is considerably increased. The 786 Swing Heads are true masters in accuracy: they move pipetting tips to microtiter plates with millimeter accuracyby millimeter or take up disposable filters.
The stable construction and well-thought-outsophisticated design make the Metrohm Robotic Sample Processors into robust laboratory instruments for universal use. The work station drive moves the lightweight electrode just as easily as a 3 kg lab instrument. For the homogenization of a sample solution for example an emulsion a high-frequency emulsifier homogenizer can be attached without any problems.

Demands such as those made by GMP or FDA 21 CFR Part 11 to let's mention only the electronic signature and electronic data storage are taken into account by the Titrando. All the FDA regulations are complied with by the complete integration of the 815 Robotic USB Sample Processor XL in the Titrando family.

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