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Oct 12 2021

Motic China Group Co, Ltd is known as a well-established manufacturer of traditional light microscopes, microscope camera systems and Whole Slide Scanners. Entering the field of professional pathology for hospitals, clinics and smaller medical practices was the first step onto a new quality level of hard- and software performance. The remarkable feedback from the pathology market motivated to go further and to follow the road to high-end solutions both for biomedical research and industrial quality control.

The PA53 models for biomedicine are upright microscopes with focus on improved optics, smooth handling and elegant implementation of Fluorescence methods. The standard HPlan-S-APO objectives (superior Fluar class) work perfectly up to Field Number 25, at the same time showing high transmission rates for an effective Fluorescence. A 3-position eyepiece tube gives maximum freedom for the digital documentation of low-light situations. Ergonomics is self-evident by a multifunctional control knob.

A true highlight of the PA53 models is the flexibility in Fluorescence. The variety of light sources starts with the traditional Mercury bulb and ends up with a multi-channel LED excitation. A coded 6-position Fluorescence turret can be personalised for multi-colour staining. A free software plug-in for the established Motic Images software supports up to 4 channels. For highest demands, a microscope version with motorised Z-axis for EDF imaging is available.

The PA53 models for industry exactly follow the same philosophy. In terms of optical performance, Semi-Apochromats in Brightfield (BF) or Brightfield/Darkfield version (BD) set the standard. The eyepiece tube performs an erect image. For the inspection of surface defects, Interference Contrast (DIC) is available as an option. The variety of stand versions reflects the multiple tasks in industrial inspection. Motorisation of nosepiece, x/y stage and z-axis are possible. For quantification purposes, Motic additionally offers several software tools, perfect to work on visualised phenomena from all contrast methods of an incident light illumination. For flexible work on transparent samples, a stand with implemented transmitted light is available.

For a complete workflow in biomedical research or industrial inspection, all models of the PA53 series may need a supplement. The stereo microscope SM7 with Galilean concept may come as an apochromatic version for a colour-true reproduction especially in medicine and biology. Field flatness up to Field Number 22 is especially interesting in case of technical samples. Any user will profit from stunning images in 3D.

Again, Motic is on the way to cross boundaries and step beyond. 

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