• Second Generation of Light Microscopes Announced
    State-of-the-art technologies have been implemented into advanced microscope hardware.
  • The Panthera C2 Light Microscope.

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Second Generation of Light Microscopes Announced

May 04 2021

Motic Scientific Instruments took a step further. With the launch of Panthera E2 and Panthera C2 light microscope series, state-of-the-art technologies got implemented into advanced microscope hardware. The result: scientific instruments with a precise and reproducible performance, ready for a huge number of applications from a wide field of sciences. The new Panthera E2 and C2 series are developed for all those who want to live sophisticated demands by smart and user-friendly handling. New optics and advanced technologies care for best image quality and smooth operation. Life Sciences are experienced in a new way, with best possible teaching effect in Panthera E2 and stunning scientific results in the lab environment of Panthera C2.

Exactly four years ago Panthera 1st generation was launched to the market. The idea behind was to cover basic demands of educational environments. New technologies have been implemented to inspire all students at the edge of tomorrow’s sciences. For routine laboratories, a convincing optical performance could be retrieved easily by excellent handling tools. An accurate price level allowed an access to these products for a wide range of operators.

With the 2nd generation of Panthera transmitted light microscopes, this philosophy has been continued. Professional optical quality now for the first time is available within the educational models of Panthera E2. Ergonomic design and smooth tools facilitate the classroom teaching.

The golden rule of microscopy is well known: It’s the sample which defines the application method. Panthera C2 follows this rule. An easy upgrade of the standard packages with all standard contrast methods, including Fluorescence, can be done without restrictions.

So, the judgement on Panthera 2nd generation is clear: A convincing concept, excellent optics and smooth performance. That is Motic’s ambition. Mission accomplished.

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