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Budget, Fully-automated Tablet Press from Courtoy

Apr 02 2006

The R150e is the latest tablet press from Courtoy, a member of Niro Pharma Systems. It is economical, flexible, easy to clean and maintain, fully automatic for lights-out production, and compact. The machine benefits from remote diagnosis for inexpensive maintenance and all common replacement parts can be purchased from local suppliers; the R150e represents exceptional value for money for all medium-volume tablet production.

In its standard form the R150e comes with a very high specification with many useful features providing benefits in operation, process and control.

Operational benefits provide improved reliability, easy maintenance, better ergonomics and fast, simple cleaning for maximum productivity. These include: an exchangeable turret with built in hoisting arm for rapid changeover in just 20 minutes; four large spring-loaded doors for easy access; an isolate compression zone for all moving parts for reduced contamination and fast cleaning; forged steel, nickel coated turret for strength and stainless protection; and chrome plated die table to reduce wear.

A pre-compression system with air compensation allows an extended dwell time for a reduced risk of capping or hardness problems; and more accurate tablet weight control with rejection of out-of-tolerance tablets, automatic correction of fill depth and the identification of bad punches maintains product quality even with the machine running at full speed. The R150e also features a reject gate for use during start up and a sampling gate for manual sampling for use with an automatic tablet analyser.

A key feature of the R150e is remote machine diagnosis. This allows support and assistance to be given via a modem eliminating expensive travelling and labour time.

The R150e is also very practical. It is compact, with all its electrical controls and touch screen user interface integral within the unit. This means that there are no interconnecting cables making the unit easy to install and relocate if necessary. The entire unit is controlled by a single PLC and can store up to 90 separate formulations for increased efficiency on batch changeover. All common replacement parts are standard and can be purchased locally.

Courtoy, as part of Niro Pharma Systems, is a world leader in providing advanced process systems for solid dosage forms to the pharmaceutical industry. The company can provide stand-alone equipment or, by uniting the combined technologies of Aeromatic Fielder, Buck, Collette, Courtoy, Nica and Niro, complete integrated plants.

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