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Precision Instruments for Water Activity Measurement

Jun 12 2013

Novasina is a leading Swiss manufacturer of precision measurement instruments for water activity in foodstuff, processed food, pharmaceutical and chemical ingredients and cosmetics.

Our expertise and R&D capabilities made it possible to set a worldwide standard in the field of QA and product development related to water activity measurement.

Novasina's product range consists of the following water activity meter series, all designed to suit the various application requirements:

  • LabSwift: portable, without active temperature control, the environmental temperature is actually the measurement temperature. Suitable for low to medium aw values and is frequently used for at-line high speed measurements
  • LabTouch: semi-temperature controlled measurement chamber, optimised for the measurement of aw values in the range of 0.6aw - 0.90aw, with colour touch screen
  • LabMaster: high-end device with full temperature-controlled measurement chamber, suitable for all types of samples from 0.04aw to 1.00aw. Highest accuracy and excellent versatility.

Why different models?
Because every sample has its own characteristics in terms of ingredients, texture, colour and taste and thereby influences the free water and finally the water activity in a different way. This factor plus the temperature influence defines the measurement time and accuracy of the same. Stable measurement conditions are finally the key to a successful quality control.

As a consequence, various models are required being capable to always offer to customers the most suitable solution related to samples, measurement requirements and available budget.

Talk to your local Novasina expert to learn more how your sample's water activity can be measured and your product quality improved.

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