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X Line | High-Performance Objectives

Oct 01 2019

During our 100-year history, our customers have come to associate Olympus with high-quality objectives. Our X Line high-performance objectives and A Line applications-driven objectives demonstrate our commitment to continuously developing innovative optical technologies. These objectives feature our most advanced lens manufacturing technology and have increased performance across all applications, with special models dedicated to advanced imaging techniques such as TIRF and multi-photon.

As one of the leading optical manufacturers for 100 years, Olympus has broken down the barriers to image quality with the introduction of its next-generation objectives. The breakthrough polishing technology enables the company to produce ultra-thin lenses that overcome the traditional compromise between numerical aperture (NA), flatness and chromatic correction - all three parameters can be significantly improved. Olympus has used this proprietary technology to deliver powerful X Line objectives for clinical and research applications and UPLAPO HR lenses, the world's first plane-corrected Apochromatic lenses with a NA of 1.5 for Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy and super resolution applications. The new objectives significantly improve a wide range of research and clinical applications without the need to change or update imaging systems.

Precise Image Acquisition for Routine Sample Observation

Expanded Flatness

Conventional objectives have good image quality in the center, but the edges are out of focus. X Line objectives offer uniform image quality from the center all the way to the edge, even with a large field of view. If you’re stitching images together, the improved flatness delivers much clearer wide-area images in less time.

Exceptional Color Accuracy

With chromatic aberration correction from 400 to 1000 nm, X Line objectives deliver better color accuracy. For laboratory applications, the objectives suppress the violet aberration, making white clear and pink more vivid for improved contrast.

Excellent Image Quality

X Line objectives’ high numerical aperture (NA) enables them to gather more light for brighter, higher resolution images.