• Analysis of Mercury, Arsenic, and Selenium in Environmental and Food Samples

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Analysis of Mercury, Arsenic, and Selenium in Environmental and Food Samples

Jul 31 2023

PS Analytical (PSA) is a trusted provider of niche analytical instruments designed for the precise determination of mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, and bismuth in various sample matrices, including environmental and food & beverage samples.

The presence of toxic metals in different forms raises significant concerns, necessitating the analysis of both total and speciated chemical forms. This requirement poses analytical challenges such as sensitivity, selectivity, and interference elimination.

PSA understands that operational aspects such as ease of use, reliability, robustness, and cost-effectiveness are equally vital. These attributes are at the core of the PSA brand, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Leveraging over 35 years of expertise, PSA specialises in coupling Atomic Fluorescence Spectroscopy (AFS) with cold vapour generation or hydride generation. Moreover, the company’s analyte separation capability enables speciation studies, providing powerful tools to address various analytical needs.

PSA can separate methyl mercury from inorganic mercury in water, shellfish, seaweed, dairy products, vegetables, and grains, as well as determine inorganic arsenic from less toxic organo arsenic species in water, rice, seaweed, and more.

A dedicated team continuously develops innovative methods and applications to tackle emerging market concerns. If you have a sample you'd like to know more about, PSA encourage you to get in touch.

With thousands of PSA systems successfully deployed in the field and strong support networks in Europe, USA, and SE Asia, the company offers a comprehensive package of performance, reliability, and support.

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