• Achieve the best results with dry and oil-free vacuum

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Achieve the best results with dry and oil-free vacuum

Aug 03 2021

There are numerous applications, especially in laboratories, for which an absolutely dry and oil-free vacuum is required.

For example mass spectrometry is one of the most powerful tools for analysing a wide range of chemical and biological substances. For this highly sensitive process you need a good vacuum system to get accurate results.

Sterilisation with hydrogen peroxide use a deep vacuum to keep temperatures at a low level during the whole process - therefor also called "low temperature sterilisation". This technology is widely being used for medical instruments such as endoscopes.

Vacuum drying, for example freeze drying, is a particularly gentle drying process and is therefore, suitable for sensitive products. For pharmacy and biotechnology, freeze-dried substances include temperature-sensitive vaccines, antibiotics and bacteria. These are dried directly in glass vials or syringes for storage and can be dissolved in seconds, if required.

Meeting the challenges with the right equipment

The HiScroll series consists of three dry and hermetically sealed scroll pumps with a nominal pumping speed of 6–20 m³/h. The pumps are especially characterised by their high performance when evacuating against atmosphere due to their unique features.

The brand-new pump from the HiScroll series meets the requirements of the ATEX directives. The HiScroll ATEX is an extremely quiet, efficient and oil-free pump. With these properties, it covers many applications in the field of analytics, industry or research & development. Explosion-protected devices are used in many sectors, including in industrial processes such as generating and pumping hydrogen. The pump is also used in laboratories for pumping solvent-based liquids and gases which can produce combustible vapors.

Convinced with intelligent control and lowest noise emission

The adaptive cooling control of the HiScroll ensures optimal cooling in different operating conditions and also reduces noise emissions when the full performance of the pump system is not required. An integrated pressure sensor (optional) enables fully automatic pressure regulation together with intelligent speed control. This helps to minimise wear and noise emissions and ensures longer maintenance intervals. The pumps are also characterised by their very compact design and extremely quiet and low-vibration operation. Therefore, they are ideal for use in quiet working environments, for example on mass spectrometers, research & development institutes or leak detection systems.

Up to 15% higher efficiency than conventional drives

Their powerful Interior Permanent Magnet (IPM) synchronous motor achieves an efficiency that is up to 15% higher than that of conventional drives. This enables maximum performance at low temperatures, which results in more efficient cooling of compact systems and equipment.

Reducing your carbon footprint

By using new IPM synchronous motors, our HiScroll pumps are environmentally friendly by lowering the electricity requirement while simultaneously delivering high pumping power. This results in lower operating costs for the operator: the motor achieves premium efficiency and clearly exceeds the minimum values of the IE3 efficiency level, which applies to standard asynchronous motors.

Experience more

Experience more about all the key features of the HiScroll pumps. Directly from the endurance test lab the experts from Pfeiffer Vacuum will explain you more details in several video episodes.

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