• Top Loading Autoclaves Overcome Problem of Cramped Lab Benchtop


Top Loading Autoclaves Overcome Problem of Cramped Lab Benchtop

Mar 08 2023

When considering the purchase of a Benchtop research grade autoclave but struggling to accommodate due to limited availability of table-top space, the Priorclave new range of 60 and 85 litre top loading sterilisers could prove a strong viable alternative.

A key benefit of these compact top loading autoclaves is the actual footprint, less than half a square metre. The most popular model is that with a chamber depth of 625cm, creating a 60L sterilising chamber.  A tall version with 890cm chamber is also available, providing customers with an 80L chamber.

All top loading models in the Priorclave brand of research-grade laboratory autoclaves have the very latest TACTROL®3. This has a crystal-clear LCD displays and provide the user with a more simplistic approach to function settings.  It enables more precise control of the sterilising function as well as showing information of cycle process. This assists laboratories to achieve the best sterilisation process for the load.

These 60L and 85L top loading autoclaves are now available as Base or Smart research grade autoclaves.  Each designated range gives the lab manager a greater choice of standard models, with more features and benefits.  It simplifies the autoclave selection to meet user requirements. Assured of reliable performance, whether for general day-to-day laboratory sterilising applications or the more demanding needs of research labs, these compact machines come equipped with featured-packed controls.

Access to the sterilising chamber is gained through a Quickseal single-action door closure/opening mechanism designed for one handed operation. Incorporation of thermal and pressure locks prevents opening at unsafe temperatures and pressures to prevent personal injury.

Both models offer the flexibility of either accommodating large, tall single items or many smaller items held in up to three stainless steel sterilising baskets. The smaller of the two models with its 60-litre chamber can accommodate easily ten one-litre or sixteen 500ml bottles, alternatively six one-litre Erlenmeyer flasks.

The electrically heated elements are within the actual chamber, thus achieving a faster and more efficient build-up of high-temperature, pressurised sterilising steam. It makes them extremely cost-efficient autoclaves ideal for either continuous or periodic sterilising requirements.

Although requiring a just a small footprint, the compact top loading sterilisers were developed by the British autoclave specialist, Priorclave, and built to exacting international standards in its own UK manufacturing centre.

Other benefits of the Tactrol controller is full setting security managed with passcodes and a manual key-switch, making it ideal for environments where pre-programs need to be kept tamperproof. These would include pharmaceutical, food and beverage, dairy as well as critical research centres. 

Buy Priorclave autoclaves in the knowledge that every care has been taken to build robust machines with a superior exterior finish to body panels and frames that prevent potential for cross-contamination within laboratories.

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