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Flexible BOD Robots Launched

May 17 2019

With the launch of new automated technologies for BOD and CBOD testing, Seal Analytical has broadened its expertise in instrumentation to yet another section of the wet chemistry laboratory. The acquisition of Rohasys Laboratory Robotics in the Netherlands has significantly expanded Seal’s product portfolio from an entry-level system that simply automates the DO reading, to a fully automated BOD robot.

Building on 25 years of experience at Rohasys, the MiniLab has been designed with a robust framework combined with intelligent motor programing to ensure correct alignment of probes and bottles. Equipped with state of the art chemiluminescent optical DO probes, throughput and productivity are increased by minimising stabilisation times during DO readings.

The instrument is controlled by Seal’s BOD software, which takes account of the BOD regulations in different regions, and with customisable import and export files, the software allows for simplified LIMS integration and streamlined data management. Analysts can organise the run table to display exactly what they need to see, and then set that as a template for easy access on future runs. 

From the compact MiniLab-s with a 36 bottle capacity to MiniLab systems several meters long (capable of analysing hundreds of samples in a single run), the size of the robot can be tailored to maximise capacity while still considering available bench space. In addition, a wide range of automation options are available including: the addition of seed and/or nitrification inhibitor; the addition of dilution water; automated bottle capping/de-capping; pH measurement and adjustment; sample pipetting, including pre-dilutions and barcode reading, as well as sample aeration and/or homogenisation.

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