• Sample Dilution Made Easier in Microbiology

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Sample Dilution Made Easier in Microbiology

Jun 20 2006

Laboratory personnel performing bacteriology tests know how critical sample dilutions are, because of their impact on test results. To work on the safe side, Socorex S.A. launches its newly designed Acura? manual 810 dilution pipette. Light weight, soft shape and smooth plunger travel greatly reduce hand fatigue and make the Acura? manual 810 the ideal alternative to graduated glass or plastic pipettes.

Two pre-calibrated fixed volumes (no setting required) allow consecutive aspiration and subsequent pipetting of 1 mL and 0.1 mL of the same liquid. Used at any steps of 1:10 dilution series, the procedure allows fast and precise sample distribution in tubes or plates.

A 190 mm long, sterile polypropylene straw helps reaching sample in deep containers (i.e. Stomacher? bags). The 4 mm straw diameter prevents any blocking when liquid contains particles in suspension. An interchangeable PE nozzle filter protects the instrument from liquid entering the pipette.

No direct contact with the hand and straw thanks to the Justip? adjustable tip ejector, activated by a large, ergonomically located button. Instrument is autoclavable fully assembled at 121°C.