• Socorex Acura® electro provides fast time to results

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Socorex Acura® electro provides fast time to results

Mar 09 2021

When every moment matters, laboratories are asked to rapidly convey test results enabling prompt reactions. Acura® electro micropipettes bring fast and reliable results with excellent ergonomics.

During the past year, research activities were mainly focussed on COVID related topics to better understand and monitor current pandemic. Pharma and biotech sectors concentrated strength on creating appropriate vaccines, while clinical field tested patients to monitor infection level within population.

To meet the needs for urgent results, the Socorex Acura® electro micro-, macro- and multichannel pipettes are the perfect dosing instruments to work with. The assortment includes eleven single channel models ranging from 0.1 µL to 10 mL, while four models with 8 and 12 channels cover the volume range from 0.5 µL to 350 µL. The line offers shape, balance and working ergonomics resembling those of a manual instrument. But comfort is so greatly improved that pipetting and result consistency are just outstanding.

The microprocessor-controlled instrument enables user to access to the six working modes easily, by pressing a single button, without complicated programming steps. No specific skills are required to enjoy electronic pipetting and its amazing working flexibility.

Scientists like to choose instruments based on their durability and versatility. Because situations often change, one can just replace the autoclavable interchangeable volumetric module of an Acura® electro pipette by a new one, matching the new requirements. One Acura® electro control unit fits 27 different volumetric assemblies (micro-, macro- and multichannel). This feature greatly extends working possibilities and makes electronic pipetting affordable to all budgets. All Acura® electro micropipettes come with a 2-year warranty, a sign of long-lasting quality.

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