• Affordable solution for partial sterile clean air areas

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Affordable solution for partial sterile clean air areas

Jul 27 2023

For over 25 years, Spetec has been renowned for designing and constructing clean rooms of various sizes, catering to diverse customer requirements. The company has flexible and innovative approach to creating partial sterile clean air environments.

The core feature of this breakthrough solution is the implementation of a laminar flow module, incorporating a high-quality fan and a filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a high-performance HEPA 14 filter. This advanced filter is capable of capturing 99.995% of all particles with a diameter ≥ 0.5 µm, ensuring an exceptionally sterile and particle-free zone. The module's size can be adjusted to suit specific applications, allowing flexible installation either above a workplace in an enclosed clean room or within air-conditioned rooms.

To create larger clean air zones or clean room cells, multiple modules can be installed and interconnected. For environments containing equipment or furniture, Spetec recommends adopting a low-turbulence airflow to ensure efficient air exchange throughout the space. All modules and accessories are manufactured in compliance with GMP standards, with custom sizes available to meet individual customer needs.

The modern modules can be suspended at various heights or securely attached to ceilings, operating discreetly with a filter change indicator for ease of maintenance. Depending on the air quality in the room, the filter can remain effective for up to four years or more.

This cost-effective alternative to fully enclosed clean rooms proves to be particularly advantageous for new builds and renovation projects. By effectively sealing entrances and windows, a comparable level of air cleanliness can be achieved through the continuous operation of these systems.

Spetec recommends the use of strip curtains to further enhance air cleanliness classification, creating particle-free, sterile work environments. Sensitive equipment and tools can be safely utilised and stored within this space without the need for extensive construction.

In conclusion, Spetec's flexible and budget-friendly modules offer a compelling solution for achieving partial sterile clean air areas, eliminating the necessity for costly fully enclosed clean rooms, especially when the freedom of movement within the workspace is essential. With their commitment to quality and innovative design, Spetec continues to drive advancements in clean room technology.

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