• XRF Sample Preparation, Pressing or Fusing, we got it covered!

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XRF Sample Preparation, Pressing or Fusing, we got it covered!

Dec 09 2009

SPEX CertiPrep manufactures a large number of sample preparation products for Spectroscopist’s. For the XRF Spectroscopist, whether you are pressing pellets or fusing beads, we can help!

If you are fusing, then we have two electrically powered fusion units available.
These affordable automated fusion machines are tied to a simple, yet high-performance, electric furnace while meeting the demands of both small and large sample preparation applications. These fluxes come equipped with everything needed to prepare both disks and solutions for XRF, AA and ICP.
The K1 single sample electric fluxer is a one-position affordable unit bringing safe and automated fusion to research labs where sample preparation is small to moderate.
The K2 five sample electric fluxer is a unique five-position unit which is suitable for research labs processing multiple samples and in need of a high-throughput.

If you are producing pellets by pressing, then our new automated electric press will simplify and automate your process. This unique programmable and fully automated laboratory press performs the entire pressing cycle with the push of a single button. The 3635 X-Press is a 35-ton programmable hydraulic press intended for the repetitive pressing of sample pellets for spectroscopy. Automation greatly improves sample uniformity and frees the technician for other tasks, as this press will operate unattended. In automatic mode, this press performs a complete pressing cycle. On starting, it goes to a selected pressure, maintains the pressure for a set time, and drops the pressure to zero over a programmed interval. On completion of the cycle, the press returns the platen back to the base position and makes an audible signal indicating it is ready for the next sample. The 3630 accepts all SPEX SamplePrep pellet dies and can also be operated manually as a simple motorized press whose functions are under direct user control. Safety features include a transparent polycarbonate door with system interlock, and a pump cutoff in case of system or operator error.

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