• Alleviating the Facility Heat Burden Placed by Recirculating Chillers

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Alleviating the Facility Heat Burden Placed by Recirculating Chillers

Jul 11 2017

Thermo Fisher Scientific are pleased to share the Alleviating the Facility Heat Burden Placed by Recirculating Chillers Article for Process Cooling Magazine to support the temperature control business

Many applications require water for cooling. Rotary evaporators, microscopes and spectrophotometers found in the laboratory can require cooling water. Industrial-scale applications such as semiconductor, additive manufacturing and extraction processes also typically require water for cooling. In many cases, tap water, cooling tower water or process cooled water may not be available, or it may not be suitable for use - for reasons such as cleanliness, incorrect temperature, inadequate temperature stability, inappropriate flow or pressure - or it may not be able handle the cooling load. As a result, facilities across the entire spectrum are presented with considerable process cooling challenges that are typically met by specifying a dedicated recirculating chiller. Recirculating chillers supply a source of temperature-controlled fluid - typically water or an ethylene glycol/water mix - that removes heat from a process. This heat then is transported back to the chiller and transferred to the refrigerant gas. In addition, because chillers are electricity powered, they generate their own heat that originates from the system’s fan motor, compressor, pump and electronics. The total amount of heat released by a recirculating chiller into the room depends on whether the chiller has been specified with an air-cooled or water-cooled condenser.

The article is available here.

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