• Accelerating Assay Development with Lyophilisation-Optimised qPCR Reagents

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Accelerating Assay Development with Lyophilisation-Optimised qPCR Reagents

Feb 27 2023

Applied Biosystems has released the TaqMan™ 2.5X Lyo-Ready 1-step qPCR Master Mix with excipient, a ready-to-use formulation that can be easily incorporated into lyophilisation processes. This reagent undergoes functional testing for lot-to-lot reproducibility and is manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified facility to maintain high quality standards. The product also includes lyophilisation guidelines to facilitate a fast and reliable transition from liquid to lyophilised form.

Newcomers to lyophilisation may face difficulties in finding a suitable excipient and protocol for their qPCR-based assays. However, the TaqMan™ Lyo-Ready Master Mixes offer optimised performance both before and after lyophilisation, and come with guidelines to support molecular diagnostic kit manufacturers. This can help to shorten the path to commercialisation.

“The lyophilisation phase can be a challenging part of any workflow to navigate, even for those with experience,” said Kathy Latham, Senior Director, qPCR Reagents at Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Our Lyo-Ready Master Mixes take the guess work out of choosing an excipient and provide consistent performance. Taken together, we believe this will help our customers shorten the path from an idea to a commercial lyophilised product.”

The Lyo-Ready Master Mixes offer a fast and simplified workflow, reducing the time and cost required to develop robust lyophilisation protocols by 50%. These mixes are optimised to ensure consistent and reliable performance both before and after lyophilisation, offering precision performance. They are also tolerant to challenging conditions and are compatible with purified samples and crude lysates commonly found in biopharmaceutical, molecular diagnostic, and research applications.

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