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Reducing Microplastics in Molecular Biology Research

Feb 08 2023

Thermo Fisher Scientific is committed to promoting sustainability in the lab, and has launched Invitrogen DynaGreen Magnetic Beads to achieve this goal. These highly magnetic submicron beads are designed to be more environmentally friendly, and are the first in a line of green DynaGreen solutions. The innovative, microplastic-free beads are a step forward in reducing waste in molecular biology research.

With a legacy of 30 years of quality and innovation, Invitrogen DynaGreen Magnetic Beads provide researchers with a way to lower their environmental impact during protein purification. The sub-micron bead size offers increased target capture surface area and a low sedimentation rate, enabling efficient target protein isolation in just 80 minutes or less through a simple bind-incubate-wash-elute IP protocol without pre-clearing. These beads deliver comparable or better performance than the industry standard while promoting sustainability.

Streamline your protein purification process with Invitrogen DynaGreen Magnetic Beads, which are compatible with any instrument in the KingFisher family for reduced hands-on time and reduced risk of manual errors. Automation with the DynaGreen beads ensures efficient and accurate results.

Invitrogen DynaGreen Magnetic Beads are designed with sustainability in mind, adhering to the European Commission's proposal to restrict the use of microplastics and following the twelve principles of green chemistry. The beads are manufactured using biorenewable solvents and a streamlined process, reducing their environmental impact and energy usage. To further minimize waste, the beads are packaged in recyclable plastics and shipped at room temperature.

“Labs across the world are estimated to produce 5.5 million tons of plastic waste in a single year. In alignment with our commitment to sustainability and our mission of enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer, we developed the Invitrogen™ DynaGreen™ Magnetic Beads to help pave the way for more sustainable research worldwide,” said Ellie Mahjubi, Vice President and General Manager of Sample Preparation, Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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