• Flexibility is the Key

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Flexibility is the Key

Sep 21 2007

Laboratories today need increased flexibility in their operation. The free form open plan is now often preferred to the fixed cellular layout of old because it adapts to new ways of working and better interaction between scientists and staff.

Of course, the flexible lab requires new design concepts and a new generation of lab furniture, fume hoods, services and workstations to go with it. Increasingly, TopLab Plus surface panels provide the solution because, once installed, they can be easily adapted to meet future changes. They can be recut and retrofitted with new sinks and other equipment without loss of performance or appearance.

Trespa International is the well-known manufacturer of TopLab Plus surface panels used worldwide in chemical, analytical, micro-biological and teaching laboratories. These laboratories are pristine, exceptionally clean and very hygienic. Worktops are critical to their effective operation. The surface material, in particular, has a direct influence on the outcome of experiments and other work. It needs to be long lasting, easy to maintain and resistant to chemicals and other deleterious materials, reject micro-organisms and resist damage. Today, stringent regulations - embracing quality, environment, safety and health increasingly impinge of the priority to make the right choice.

The TopLab Plus panels provide a decorative and aesthetically pleasing environment where surfaces and equipment are totally hygienic and bacteria free. Available in many colours, they are easily adapted to the special needs of the laboratory and fabricated in large sheet sizes in order minimise or eliminate joints which could harbour dirt. The closed, non-porous surface is impervious to chemicals, liquids, cleaning agents and disinfectants and can be maintained easily without any lifetime deterioration in performance or appearance.