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Help to Counteract the Possibility of Cross-infection

Oct 26 2007

Cross-infection is an increasing problem. Studies suggest that 3% of patients in hospital develop an infection, rising dramatically to 40% for those in intensive care. This problem has increased the emphasis on hygiene in healthcare environments, particularly hospitals, nurseries, day care centres and other places with frequently changing users. It also means that the laboratories which support and service these facilities must have exemplary standards of hygiene for their working environment and equipment.

Trespa International is the well-known manufacturer of TopLab Plus surface panels used to counteract infection spread by surface contact, contaminated equipment and infected airborne particles. For years, TopLab Plus panels have been used worldwide in chemical, analytical, micro-biological and educational laboratories, operating theatres and other clean rooms.

TopLab Plus panels are specifically designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment with high performance surfaces that are totally hygienic and bacteria free, even in the most demanding of environments. The anti-microbal properties are inherent and will remain active throughout lifetime use. The panels are resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, which will not affect the surface, are heat resistant and scratch-proof and impervious to all cleaning liquids and agents.

Importantly, the panels are available in large sheet sizes so that joints that might harbour dirt, wet or bacteria are minimised or eliminated. Because the panels are so hard-wearing, they will not degrade nor will their physical properties or appearance alter over long periods of use. Compared to other surface materials, Trespa TopLab Plus can save an average cleaning time of 75 hours per year per square metre of material because of the low dirt retention of the urethane-acrylic surface.

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