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New pH and Conductivity Meters Launched

May 20 2015

Trans Instruments is pleased to announce the launch of the new WalkLAB series HP9010 pH meter and HC9021 Conductivity meter.

The meters have a large and simple to navigate backlit LCD display in a rugged ABS casing, which is fully splash proof and weather proof with an IP rating of 65.  It is made simple to use with each measurement automated with auto-lock system that will display a stabilised endpoint reading.  This unique feature allows users, even inexperience one, to make calibration and take measurement with the least error due to handling, temperature or sensor stability.  Calibration data are stored in non-volatile memory where in the event of battery removal, data are not erased.  It can to store up to 99 sets of measured data memory of pH, mV and temperature stamped with date and time.  User can download stored memory or make continuous data logging on a PC with the optional USB connection kit that comes with software.

The HP9010 pH meter is capable of 5 points calibration with automatic buffer recognition. Two groups of standards can be selected from ISO standard pH7.00, 4.01 and 10.01 or Nist standard of 6.86, 9.18 etc.  User is able to review the calibration offset and percentage of slope of the electrode.  Meter can be attached with an ORP electrode to make redox measurement in millivolts.

The HC9021 conductivity meter is able to make 5 points calibration over the full range and measured readings are automatically switched to the calibrated range at each of the calibrated point.  This greatly enhances the accuracy of the measurement over the entire range.  The meter can display units in ppm as well as in ppt and conversion factors are adjustable if required.  Salinity measurement can be made by switching the display mode, where a separate calibration can be made in NaCl calibration standards.

Celebrating 50 years of nation building in Singapore, for a limited period till the end of 2015, every purchase of any of these meters will be given a free EyeCare LiteCheck pocket size light meter.

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