• Introducing the WalkLAB pH Meter HP9010 and Conductivity Meter HC9021 from Trans Instruments

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Introducing the WalkLAB pH Meter HP9010 and Conductivity Meter HC9021 from Trans Instruments

Nov 21 2022

Trans Instruments (TTBH Pte Ltd), a specialist manufacturer of pH and conductivity instrumentation for over 30 years, announces the WalkLAB HP9010 pH meter and the WalkLAB HC9021 Conductivity meter.

Designed with accuracies matching our formidable benchtop meters, yet fully portable for onsite use, WalkLAB meters have an intuitive interface and a large backlit LCD display. Fully contained in a rugged ABS casing, WalkLAB meters are effectively splashproof and weatherproof with an IP rating of 65.  Endpoint stabilisation and auto-locking simplifies the measurement process and repeatability, even for less experienced operators. These features also help to minimise measurement errors, and temperature or sensor stability errors by minimising handling. Calibration data is stored in non-volatile memory where it will be retained even in the event of battery depletion or removal. The WalkLABs can store (with date/time stamp) up to 99 sets of measured data in memory for pH, mV and temperature. Users can download stored memory or continuously log data into a PC with the optional USB connection kit that comes with interface software.

The WalkLAB HP9010 pH meter is capable of 5 point calibrations with automatic buffer recognition. Two groups of standards can be selected from ISO standard pH7.00, 4.01 and 10.01 or NIST standard of 6.86, 9.18 etc. Users are able to review the calibration offset and percentage of slope of the electrode. Alternatively, an ORP electrode can be attached to the meter to make redox measurements in millivolts as well.

The WalkLAB HC9021 conductivity meter is able to make 5 point calibrations over the full range. Subsequently, measured readings are automatically adjusted to the calibrated range based on the calibration results which greatly enhances the accuracy of the measurement over the entire range. The meters can display units in ppm and conversion factors are adjustable, if required. Salinity measurement can be made by switching the display mode to display in ppt, where a separate calibration can be made in NaCl calibration standards.  

Both meters are designed with ease of use, repeatability and robustness in mind since these are factors that are of fundamental interest in education, industrial, textile, aquaculture, commercial and professional use.

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