• LED photoreactor for larger batch reactions
    Solstice Maxi™ larger scale batch photoreactor.

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LED photoreactor for larger batch reactions

May 10 2024

Uniqsis presents the Solstice Maxi™, a cutting-edge LED photoreactor designed to accommodate twelve 20ml cm3 septum-sealed reactor tubes in a jacketed, multi-position tube holder. Engineered for scientists aiming to scale up batch photochemistry reactions, the Solstice Maxi™ seamlessly integrates with a standard laboratory magnetic stirrer, ensuring efficient stirring of each tube's contents.

Maintaining photochemical reactions at a fixed temperature is effortless with the Solstice Maxi™. By connecting it to a recirculating liquid coolant, precise temperature control (10 – 60ºC) is achieved. While a piped water supply is an option, enhanced temperature control is guaranteed through connection to a recirculating heat exchanger.

With the insertion of a Borealis high-power LED lamp unit (365nm, 385nm, 425nm, 440nm, 460nm or 525nm), positioned at the centre of the Solstice Maxi™, the system transforms into a versatile, temperature-controlled, multi-position photoreactor. An embedded temperature sensor measures the LED back-plate temperature, ensuring automatic detection and configuration of LED wavelength and electrical parameters when connected to the matching 'smart' power supply. For precise control over photochemical reactions, the power supply enables LED intensity variation in 5% increments from 10-100%.

The Solstice Maxi™ is powered by a digital power supply unit, offering remote control and displaying both the internal reactor and LED backplate temperatures. Although primarily designed as a batch photoreactor, the Solstice Maxi™ can be adapted for continuous flow processing by combining the lamps with a Uniqsis Cold Coil and internal coil reactor, adding further versatility to this advanced device.

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