• Next Generation of High Temperature GPC.

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Next Generation of High Temperature GPC.

Jan 30 2008

The Viscotek Model 350 High Temperature GPC (HT-GPC) System is a revolutionary advanced detector system specifically designed for the characterisation of polyolefins, and other synthetic polymers that are soluble only at elevated temperatures.

The Model 350 HT-GPC system provides absolute molecular weight without extrapolation or correction, molecular size (Rg and Rh to less than 1 nm), and intrinsic viscosity, as well as information on branching, structure and aggregation in a single GPC/SEC experiment. The system may also be configured with an Infrared (IR) Detector for short-chain branching analysis or a UV/VIS detector for copolymer compositional analysis.

Representing a breakthrough in high temperature technology, the new system includes a High Temperature Triple Detector Array (HT-TDA), an Automated sample preparation & delivery system, a pulseless isocratic Pump, Degasser and OmniSEC GPC software for complete system control, data acquisition and processing. Engineered in a modular format for flexibility and enhanced reliability, the Model 350 HT-GPC features a detector module (HT-TDA) that is easily removed from the high temperature environment for routine maintenance.

The Viscotek Model 350 HT-TDA combines low angle light scattering with viscometry and concentration for complete and comprehensive macromolecular characterisation. All detectors reside within a temperature-controlled oven compartment (30 -175 degrees C) which has space for four analytical GPC columns. The 350 HT-TDA also features an in-line, self-cleaning filter and can be configured with only an RI, an RI and viscometer, an RI and light scattering detector or as a full Triple Detector Array.

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