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The Ultimate in Skin Protection

Aug 29 2006

ProShield, from Zisys Ltd, forms a protective layer between the skin and outside agents to reduce the risks of developing allergic reactions, skin damage or bacterial contamination when in contact with latex gloves, chemicals, and many other forms of hazardous substances.

The easily applied lotion protects the skin for up to 4 hours irrespective of washing and is suitable for use where skin is affected by contact dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents in the formula assist in reducing any bacterial challenge especially effective in cases of broken skin where an infection may develop.

Clinical trials at the University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust, where 102 staff took part, have shown there was a significant reduction in bacteria when ProShield was applied to their hands and sustained when tested 3 hours later. In a second exhaustive trial ProShield has shown to be very effective against MRSA.

Zisys Ltd will announce in the near future results from further trials currently under way.

The formulation is also that of a top quality skin care product providing all the qualities of a hand moisturiser and emollient preventing depletion of the skins natural oils and helping to eliminate dry or cracked hands.

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