• LCMS system supports mass-based peptide purification


LCMS system supports mass-based peptide purification

May 08 2024

The VERITY® 271 LCMS system combines the power of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Mass Detection (MS) for conditional fraction collection. Initial screening for peptide purification can be done using smaller columns for scouting, and then the LC optimised conditions can be scaled up, allowing researchers to target a specific peptide for purification. In addition, with UV-VIS detection, the optional single quad VERITY 1920 MS Detector with electrospray ionisation (ESI) or atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation (APCI) ion sources supports targeted fractions collection using selected ion monitoring (SIM) channels.

With a mass range of 10-2000 m/z, the VERITY 1920 MS helps you easily detect large molecules such as peptides and small proteins. Many biomolecules carry multiple charges with electrospray ionisation so that even proteins of several tens of kDa can be measured within the 2,000 m/z range. The method takes advantage of the software’s powerful conditional fraction collection feature, which simultaneously combines UVVIS signals and up to five MS channels to improve selectivity and purity.

Why choose VERITY 271 LCMS System?

  • Ideal solution for peptide purification and laboratories seeking effective MS detection to isolate pure compounds from synthetic and natural products from lab to pilot scale
  • Makes mass detection affordable and straightforward for any purification work

The VERITY 271 LCMS system can be used to perform mass-based purification of target peptides from a mixture. The system is controlled using TRILUTION® LC Software, which provides real-time and post-run MS and UV spectral data. For further details, read the Tech Note.

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