• New LCMS triple quadrupole mass spectrometry series


New LCMS triple quadrupole mass spectrometry series

Jun 11 2024

Shimadzu, a global leader in analytical instrumentation and testing equipment, has announced the worldwide release of its LCMS-TQ RX Series of triple quadrupole (TQ) high-performance liquid chromatograph mass spectrometers (LC-MS). The three models in this series – LCMS-8060RX, LCMS-8050RX, and LCMS-8045RX – deliver enhanced sensitivity, stability, and operational ease, further building on Shimadzu's renowned performance. This launch targets manufacturers and contract analysis organisations in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food product sectors.

The LCMS-TQ RX Series comes in response to increasingly stringent regulations in the pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries, driving the demand for more accurate data and highly stable equipment. The global market for TQ LC-MS instruments is projected to grow by at least 8% annually, with applications diversifying across various sectors. Routine analysis applications, which represent 40% of the TQ LC-MS market, require consecutive measurements of numerous samples, emphasising the importance of data reliability and reduced downtime.

The TQ-type LC-MS instruments in this series offer the high sensitivity and selectivity necessary to meet these demands. The LCMS-TQ RX Series ensures heightened data reliability by stabilising sample ionisation with an improved ion source. The series features functions that check instrument status before measurements and automatically perform calibration. Additionally, the eco-mode minimises standby power consumption, leading to efficient laboratory operations with low environmental impact.

The new series includes enhanced data reliability by improving the stability of measurements with a newly developed CoreSpray nozzle that ensures uniform sample spray. The IonFocus technology efficiently introduces ions into the mass spectrometer while removing contaminants, resulting in higher measurement sensitivity. The PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE function automatically checks and fine-tunes the device's status before measurements, ensuring optimal performance and reducing downtime. The eco-mode monitors instrument status and automatically shuts down when not in use, reducing power consumption by approximately 31%.

The LCMS-TQ RX Series exemplifies Shimadzu’s commitment to advancing precision instruments that enhance analytical performance while minimising time, cost, complexity, and environmental impact. This series will elevate the efficiency of laboratory work in pharmaceuticals, food product development, and environmental inspection, supporting research and development growth in healthcare, green transformation, and other sectors.

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