• New MALDI-TOF MS solutions for enhanced productivity
    MALDI-8030 EasyCare.

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New MALDI-TOF MS solutions for enhanced productivity

Apr 19 2024

MALDI-8020/8030 EasyCare series - easy to clean, simple to run

Shimadzu Europa GmbH, a thought leader in analytical instrumentation, announces the launch of the MALDI EasyCare and EasyCare-ready series, the latest evolution in the popular and versatile MALDI-8000 series of benchtop linear MALDI-TOF (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation time-of-flight) mass spectrometers.

The augmented MALDI-8000 series now includes the following instruments:

  • MALDI-8020 EasyCare
  • MALDI-8030 EasyCare
  • MALDI-8020 EasyCare-ready for an upgrade to MALDI EasyCare version
  • MALDI-8030 EasyCare-ready for an upgrade to MALDI EasyCare version

The MALDI EasyCare series increases uptime in laboratories and optimises the analytical productivity of the successful MALDI-8000 benchtop series.

EasyCare reduces downtime

The EasyCare feature enables lab technicians to perform instrument maintenance themselves. EasyCare is guided by a built-in software wizard - whether for manual cleaning of the ion optics or automated tuning of the instrument - that requires no additional technical training or experience. The easy-to-use maintenance process reduces service calls and related downtime and enables labs to do more of what they do best: producing high-quality data.

Sustainable MALDI quality

MALDI-8000 series instruments have long established themselves as analytical workhorses, ideal for teaching, quality control, research and clinical laboratories. The compact footprint of the eco-friendly MALDI benchtop systems is now enhanced by the simple, new EasyCare self-maintenance utility.

The MALDI-8020 EasyCare and MALDI-8030 EasyCare systems retain and advance the class-leading performance and agility levels of the MALDI-8000 series. The MALDI-8020 EasyCare provides the option of positive ion-only mode for dedicated applications. Meanwhile, the versatility of dual-polarity in the MALDI-8030 EasyCare is designed for compounds best suited to analysis in negative ion mode.

Finally, the ability of the EasyCare-ready versions of MALDI-8020 and MALDI-8030 to be upgraded to full EasyCare means that labs can be flexible and ready to meet changing needs.

Key features include:

Easy to use & maintain

  • Restore maximum performance with self-service routine maintenance
  • Reduce service calls, save time and increase productivity
  • Remove/refit ion optics safely and easily
  • Tune deflectors and detector with automated software
  • Relax: Software wizard guidance means no technical expertise required

Easy to integrate and perform

  • Ideal for demanding applications such as MALDI imaging and high-throughput analysis of biological samples
  • Benchtop platform provides easy laboratory integration

Easy to upgrade

  • MALDI-8020/8030 EasyCare-ready instruments can be easily upgraded to full EasyCare levels by using a software licence.

Shimadzu makes lab work easier

The MALDI-8020/8030 models are the latest in Shimadzu’s innovative development of precision instruments that increase analytic performance while reducing downtime and the complexity, costs and environmental impact of the essential lab work at the heart of modern science and industry.

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