• Eppendorf EpMotion® Automated Liquid Handling Systems - Supplied by SLS

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Eppendorf EpMotion® Automated Liquid Handling Systems - Supplied by SLS

Oct 12 2023

In a world increasingly defined by technological advancements, maintaining a cutting-edge perspective on the latest innovations becomes paramount for any thriving research laboratory. The transition from manual to automated workflows signifies not merely progress but also inaugurates a new era wherein researchers can devote themselves to less repetitive tasks, thereby enhancing productivity. Within this framework, the Eppendorf epMotion® automated liquid handling systems distinguish themselves by offering a product that melds exceptional quality, reliability, and simplicity, all whilst ensuring efficient and intuitive laboratory automation.

Traditionally, manual pipetting is a common laboratory activity, yet it presents an array of challenges: it is time-consuming, poses a risk of repetitive strain injuries, and introduces a potential source of variability in experimental results. The epMotion® systems, mitigate these issues thereby affording scientists the liberty to delve deeper into innovative and meaningful research work.

A distinguishing feature of the epMotion® is its user-friendly design and seamless integration into existing workflows, establishing it as a compelling option for laboratories of all sizes. Particularly for those uninitiated in laboratory automation, the transition is frequently perceived as daunting due to an anticipated steep learning curve. epMotion® dispels this belief, providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation that doesn’t mandate prolonged training periods. Consequently, even smaller laboratories, which may operate with more limited resources, can effortlessly assimilate it into their routine tasks, thereby attaining heightened precision and reproducibility in their experiments.

The Eppendorf epMotion® provides researchers with more time by automating routine and mundane pipetting tasks, liberating researchers to channel their resources into less monotonous tasks. Rather than working like a machine to innovating like a true scientist. It’s not merely about automating tasks, it’s about reinstating scientists into a sphere where their intellect takes precedence.

The assured consistency and reliability brought about by automated liquid handling systems like epMotion® play a pivotal role in enhancing the robustness of experimental results. Minimising human error and variability ensures that data is reliable and reproducible, which is fundamental in scientific research and especially crucial in studies leading to clinical applications.

In conclusion, Eppendorf epMotion® systems signify more than a technological upgrade. They represent a commitment to propelling research into new frontiers by freeing scientists from manual labour and enabling them to focus on the core of scientific work. It’s not merely a product, it’s a catalyst for scientific exploration, reallocating valuable researcher time from tedious pipetting tasks to more intellectually engaging scientific endeavours.

The Eppendorf epMotion liquid handling range is now available from Scientific Laboratory supplies.

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