• Precision liquid flow measurement supports sustainable energy solutions

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Precision liquid flow measurement supports sustainable energy solutions

Apr 15 2024

The imperative for sustainability is compelling the oil, gas, and energy sectors to develop innovative and varied solutions, aiming to forge a future characterised by energy efficiency. The oil and gas industry is undergoing significant shifts, embracing sustainable practices, exploring novel revenue sources, and pushing technological frontiers, with these endeavours undergoing trials and proving successful. The expansion into emerging domains like renewable energy, advanced chemicals, and biofuels is a driving force behind the ongoing processes of innovation and diversification within these sectors.

Titan Enterprises specialises in providing tailored and efficient liquid flow measurement solutions designed for oil, petrochemical, and green energy applications, catering to OEM customers. These solutions encompass a range of offerings, such as customised oval gear flow meters specifically crafted for marine fuel flow measurement, monitoring grease volume in wind turbine bearing mechanisms, high-pressure intrinsically safe units for offshore oil drilling additive injection, and systems for biodiesel plants converting bio waste into sustainable biofuels.

Monitoring grease lubrication flow in wind turbines 

In the context of monitoring grease lubrication flow in wind turbines, a critical aspect for ensuring the dependable and effective operation of these turbines is to maintain fully lubricated main bearings under all operating conditions. Titan's compact oval gear flowmeters, compliant with IP65/NEMA 4 standards, are optimised for measuring the flow of viscous liquids. Engineered to operate at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures reaching 150°C, the OG1 or OG2 models have a standard flow range of 0.01 to 4.0 litres/min on 30Cstk oil, consistently achieving remarkable accuracy (0.75%) and repeatability (0.1%).

Optimum flow meter accuracy critical to biofuel production

Within Green Fuels' biodiesel plants, dedicated to transforming bio waste into sustainable biofuels, Titan's Oval Gear (OG) flow meters play a pivotal role as an integral component. Green Fuels, recognised for its award-winning research and innovative process plants, has successfully powered structures with sustainable fuel derived from used cooking oil. The company is further advancing its initiatives, exploring the conversion of fish oil and sewage sludge into biofuel.

Titan's OG flow meters, characterised by their simplicity, accuracy, and chemical resistance, stand out as a crucial element in this process. Enhanced with the Namur switch, these flow meters have proven to be the optimal solution for precise chemical dosing within the potentially hazardous environment of Green Fuels' biofuel plants.

Adaptive flow measurement designs for petrochemical applications

Titan Enterprises provides specialised options and adaptable designs for its Oval Gear (OG) flow sensors, tailored to meet specific high-pressure requirements, enhance chemical compatibility, and ensure secure operation even in potentially explosive atmospheres. The Oval Gear range from Titan includes ATEX compliant IP65/NEMA 4 protection models, along with devices offering intrinsically safe options suitable for processes in challenging environmental conditions, such as explosive or corrosive atmospheres. In these conditions, flowmeters must withstand tough environments while maintaining accurate and reliable measurements.

The crucial function of oval gear flow meters lies in the precise control of liquid dosage, ensuring efficient and economical process operations. In the petrochemical sector, a chemical injection system utilises accurate low-flow measuring sensors to inject a precise dosage of required chemicals, including antifoaming scale inhibitors and methanol, into oil wells. Precise chemical dosing is vital for the optimal functioning of the well system, enhancing efficiency and productivity without incurring excessive costs. OG flowmeters play a critical role in preventing overdosing, averting unnecessary expenses, or under-dosing that may lead to premature maintenance and suboptimal well performance.

For the measurement of high-viscosity liquids like thick oils, bitumen, and tar, precision-engineered flow meters become indispensable. Titan's standard OG flowmeters are designed to deliver highly accurate flow measurements up to 1000 cSt. To accommodate viscosities above 1000 cSt, Titan offers High Viscosity OG options specially crafted with profiled gears to facilitate additional flow of the liquid and prevent hydraulic lock.

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