• Agilent Technologies Introduces Breakthrough ICP-MS and MP-AES Platforms

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Agilent Technologies Introduces Breakthrough ICP-MS and MP-AES Platforms

Feb 24 2014

In January 2014 Agilent Technologies Inc introduced the 7900 Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS) and the 4200 Microwave Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP-AES), the latest in a series of groundbreaking technologies featured in Agilent's portfolio of spectroscopy solutions.

These systems are the most sophisticated, user-friendly elemental analysis technologies available today.

7900 ICP-MS: A New Standard in Quadrupole ICP-MS Performance

"The 7900 ICP-MS redefines the way we analyse samples by extending the application range significantly," said Wim Proper, development analyst, Eurofins Analytico. "With its unprecedented ultra-high matrix capability, the 7900 allows us to easily switch between trace element analysis of demineralized water to high total dissolved solid digests all in the same sequence."

The 7900 ICP-MS is a complete redesign, sharing only a few key components from the world's bestselling 7700 Series. The 7900 has been engineered and optimised to provide elemental laboratories with the industry's most powerful and easy-to-use quadrupole ICP-MS solution.

Features include:

  • Unprecedented matrix tolerance - Ultra-high-matrix introduction technology enables laboratories to measure samples containing up to 25% total dissolved solids.
  • Enhanced trace-level detection - A novel interface, optimised vacuum system and new detector system (ODS) reduce background and improve sensitivity, dramatically improving signal to noise for 10-fold lower detection limits than any quadrupole ICP-MS system available today.
  • Widest dynamic range of any quadrupole ICP-MS - Patented ODS technology enables users to measure trace elements and majors in the same run. An industry-first capability, this eliminates analyte-specific tuning and simplifies method development, virtually eliminating over-range results.

4200 MP-AES Series: A Novel Breakthrough in Entry-Level Elemental Spectroscopy Technology 

The 4200 MP-AES, the latest advancement in Agilent's widely used microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer series, provides the safest most cost-effective elemental analysis capability compared with any other entry-level atomic spectroscopy technology.

The 4200 MP-AES features a variety of unique capabilities:

  • Safe and economical - Because flammable gas sources are not required for use, the system can be left unattended while performing multi-element analysis, which dramatically increases laboratory safety and flexibility and reduces operating costs compared to Flame AA.
  • Robustness and reliability - Optimised high-performance waveguide and new torch design produces a robust nitrogen plasma, which enables greater tolerance to complex matrices. Mass flow control of the nebulizer gas enhances accuracy and long term stability in complex samples.
  • Ease of use - Application-specific software plus plug-and-play hardware ensures that with just minimal training, any user can quickly and easily conduct analyses without the need for method development or alignment.
  • Remote capabilities - With no external cylinder connections and no need for ongoing gas supplies, the MP-AES is ideal for any elemental analysis laboratory-especially remote site.
  • About Agilent's Atomic Spectroscopy Portfolio

The new 7900 ICP-MS and the 4200 MP-AES are the latest in a long line of ground-breaking technologies included in Agilent's portfolio of atomic spectroscopy solutions. Agilent's unique MP-AES and ICP-QQQ spectrometers further unlock a broad range of possibilities to all elemental analysis laboratories.

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