• The next Generation of contrAA® – Atomic Absorption. Redefined
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The next Generation of contrAA® – Atomic Absorption. Redefined

Mar 01 2017

A new generation of continuum source AAS? Yes, because it is a best seller! With a small foot-print, low cost of ownership and low maintenance requirements Atomic Absorption Spectrometry is highly regarded due to its good method robustness and its easy handling for all operator skill levels.

Since the launch of the first continuum source AAS in 2004 by Analytik Jena many thousand customers all over the world have made contrAA® 300, 600 and 700 the instrument of choice for their analytical routines in a vast variety of industries ranging from geological exploration to process control of beverage and food.

Today, analytical requirements in the AAS market are changing and the flame AAS becomes more dominant, because of its reputation of a reliable workhorse for the analysis of mid to high elemental contents with moderate sample through-put. The novelty that the contrAA® 800 offers to customers is its one platform approach – making it three instruments in one!

Building on the innovative spectrometer concept of its predecessors, the redesigned optical bench of the contrAA® 800 benefits true fast-sequential multi-element analysis with one lamp for all elements, the shortest possible measurement time per sample on an AAS and unique analytical capabilities (e.g. P, S and F analysis).

Besides, the exceptional sensitivity of the graphite furnace mode makes the contrAA® 800 a powerful tool for trace analysis of Arsenic and Mercury; hence, becoming a cost-effective alternative for waste and water management in low through-put labs.

Modern software-based solutions e.g. for line identification, simultaneous background correction and mathematical correction of severe spectral interferences (that go unnoticed in conventional AAS; CSI-Tool) aid a straightforward method development and improve accuracy. In addition, simultaneous multiple element analysis (in one run), usability of alternative atomic lines and an extended linear working range reduce sample handling and analysis time per sample.

So, your future AAS for fast multi-element analysis should be contrAA® 800.

contrAA® 800 – unique features

  • True fast-sequential atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Single lamp for all elements enables multi element analysis
  • Visualisation of absorption spectra in high definition (HD) 2D and 3D
  • Optional spectrometer purge for improved performance and durability
  • Atomizer change with automatic realignment of atomizer position
  • High spectral resolution for interference-free analysis
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple elements in one run
  • CSI-Software Tool for mathematical correction of spectral interferences
  • Detection of molecular absorptions for advanced non-metal analysis
  • Side-pixel evaluation for extended working range
  • Upgradable to fully automatic direct solid sampling.

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