• What Is A Natural Gas Generator?

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What Is A Natural Gas Generator?

Feb 28 2019

Most people have used a gas generator in the past. Whether bad weather caused a power cut, your workplace was undergoing maintenance or your home’s electricity ran out, a gas generator can be a lifesaver in so many ways.

While gas generators are highly useful for a number of us, especially in laboratories where they can improve efficiency and safety, there are times where even your backup generator may prove ineffective. If, for instance, you’re experiencing a power cut due to bad weather, the nearby gas stations may be down too. In this case, you’re left without power and without the access to your generator. That’s where natural gas generators come in.

Natural power source

As the name suggests, a natural gas generator uses natural gas to generate electricity. This includes propane, which is often used for barbecues, motor vehicles and water heaters, and methane, which utilises supply from underground lines. The generators work much in the same way as gas generators, with an internal combustion engine injecting a mixture of fuel and air into a combustion chamber.

The compression of fuel and air, combined with the addition of a spark plug, ignites the fuel, which in turn drives a crankshaft. This, then spits the generators rotor, producing an electrical current that can charge batteries, power appliances or even run large pieces pf equipment, dependent on the generator’s size.

Advantages of natural gas generators

A natural gas generator can prove highly useful in case of a disaster, including bad weather or continuous power cuts, as natural gas is often more easily accessible than a man-made alternative. Natural gas supplies are carried in underground, weather-proof lines, which are readily available in any area selling gas barbecues or LPG fuel.

Natural gas is also easier to store than petroleum or diesel, as it does not tend to deteriorate. Diesel, for instance, can potentially grow fungus, start to solidify or develop a sediment if stored incorrectly. Propane, according to the Natural Gas Supply Association, can remain useable for an indefinite period of time, as long as the container remains undamaged.

Finally, natural gases tend to burn cleaner and with less emissions that other fossil fuels. This can help to reduce greenhouse gases and lower your individual carbon footprint. As the need for sustainable living grows and we begin to shift away from oil-based fuels, natural gas generators may be a viable, useful alternative for many households and businesses around the globe.

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