• New gas analysis system for advanced electrochemical studies

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New gas analysis system for advanced electrochemical studies

May 24 2024

Hiden Analytical, a renowned manufacturer of mass spectrometry and gas analysis technologies, has unveiled the new HPR-20 OEMS gas analysis system. This innovative system, purpose-built for continuous analysis of evolved gases and vapours in electrochemistry, delivers a step-change in efficiency and precision to the industry.

The HPR-20 OEMS, developed in response to the demand for real-time and highly sensitive gas analysis systems, sets a new standard in electrochemical studies. It is a function of the applied potential and capable of producing results on a real-time scale.

The new system features an ultralow flow real-time sampling capillary, which allows for seamless connection for headspace sampling or connection to electrochemical cells such as El-Cell. The Hiden QIC-ulf quartz-lined ultra-low flow sampling interface, operating at up to 200°C, provides swift response times of less than 3 seconds for most common gases and vapours, including water vapour.

A standout feature of the HPR-20 OEMS is its advanced detection capabilities. The standard system with a 200 amu mass range can detect to less than 100 parts-per-billion. For even more precise measurements, the optional 3F series 300 amu system with a triple-stage mass filter extends detection levels to 5 parts-per-billion, with enhanced contamination resistance.

The system comes with new features like the 3D data plot for viewing mass vs. electron energy and intensity, as well as an automated spectral analysis that provides peak identification and composition analysis. The system is equipped with the latest Windows® MASsoft Professional PC software for seamless data acquisition, display, and control of quadrupole parameters.

"This new release epitomises Hiden Analytical's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the scientific community," said Colin Robertson, Sales Director at Hiden Analytical. "The HPR-20 OEMS gas analysis system significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of electrochemical studies, providing users with an unmatched analytical tool."

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