• Revolutionising digital reference materials for analytical testing

Mass Spectrometry & Spectroscopy

Revolutionising digital reference materials for analytical testing

Nov 14 2023

Merck introduces ChemisTwin™, marking a ground-breaking leap in digital reference materials platforms. This innovative solution utilises calibrated algorithm-based digital references to automatically analyse sample purity, identify compounds, and detect degradation. With digital signatures for over 1,500 reference materials, ChemisTwin™ streamlines processes for scientists, ensuring the quality and safety of medicines from early-stage research and development through quality control and assurance testing.

The arrival of ChemisTwin™ accelerates the digitalisation of laboratories and manufacturing, providing traceable digital records of physical reference materials. This platform empowers Pharma QC/QA and R&D professionals to enhance sampling rates and identify sample inconsistencies, thereby ensuring the production of safer products.

Jean-Charles Wirth, Head of Science & Lab Solutions, Life Science Business Sector of Merck, emphasised the transformative impact of digital technologies in the life science industry. "Being able to digitise reference materials for the first time is a giant step forward towards safeguarding the world’s medicines and consumer products," he stated. "ChemisTwin™ is easy to use and intuitive, contributing to advancing scientific research, product development, quality control, and regulatory compliance."

Certified reference materials are integral to the quality testing market, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and comparability in life science measurements and analyses. ChemisTwin™ alleviates the challenges posed by traditional methods, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as precision weighing and documentation. This results in increased efficiency, reduced errors, and accelerated scientific workflows.

Merck remains committed to digitalising life science workflows, offering solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and success rates in delivering new, safe therapies. Examples include the M-TRACE® All-in-One Computer solution for cleanroom-friendly test record creation and Milli-Q™ Remote Care, an online solution for improved water systems management.

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