• Comprehensive raman library for material identification
    From the lab to the factory to the streets, the Comprehensive Raman Library can give you the material ID that you need.

Raman Spectroscopy

Comprehensive raman library for material identification

Oct 03 2023

Over 16,200 entries to support material identification in a variety of industries

Metrohm is pleased to introduce its latest innovation, the Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library. This comprehensive resource contains an impressive collection of over 16,200 substances, simplifying material identification across a wide range of industries. The library significantly enhances the capabilities of handheld and laboratory Raman systems.

Derived from the strong foundation of the Illicit and Common Materials Library and the USP Certified Compounds Library, this Raman library stands as one of the most extensive collections of Raman spectra available today. It has been optimised for use with Metrohm's MIRA XTR DS and MIRA P instruments, as well as B&W Tek's TacticID and i-Raman instruments.

Empowering your Raman experience

Metrohm gathered substances from around the world and meticulously constructed this library using state-of-the-art Metrohm instruments, ensuring the highest levels of quality and precision. The result is exceptional accuracy across the entire Raman portfolio, encompassing both handheld and laboratory systems operating at 532, 785, and 1064 nm wavelengths. This includes spectra collected using Metrohm's cutting-edge XTR fluorescence suppression algorithm.

The Metrohm Comprehensive Raman Library comprises over: 7,000 organic chemicals; 2,250 inorganic/organometallic compounds; 1,900 polymers and plastics; 1,700 personal care products; 150 dyes, paints, and pigments.

An encyclopedia of chemicals for every application

Beyond being a vast collection of spectra, the library includes vital metadata such as compound characteristics, physical properties, and crucial safety information. Metrohm is committed to ongoing library development and plans to provide regular library and software updates.

“Metrohm built this library from the ground up with the goal to make the largest and most meaningful library for all of our customers,” said Nancy Morris, CEO of Metrohm Spectro. “The work continues, so we can offer the most complete and effective Raman experience possible.”

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