• New Software for Users of NMR in Quality Control

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New Software for Users of NMR in Quality Control

Jan 05 2012

In response to feedback from the worldwide user base, Oxford Instruments has provided new features on its MQC range of benchtop NMR analysers. MultiQuant Version 6.1 brings many enhancements that may be customised to fit the needs of the local user through provision of a regional language menu. The new software also addresses
the specific needs of a quality control operative to ensure consistent data and performance of the instrument.

Making the instrument more straightforward to use was key in the design of the new software. For example, the autotare balance options provide for optimum throughput. This is particularly relevant if the application is for oil and moisture measurement in seeds or when looking at the spin finish (OPU) on fibre. A user no longer has to press
any button on weighing their sample prior to measurement. They just place the sample tube inside the instrument and the measurement starts automatically. This is useful when operators routinely have to make measurements more than hundred times in a single day. With all measurements being carried out with an instrument temperature
of 40°C, the software now automatically displays any variations from the set point temperature in red, an immediate and clear warning. Quality control applications often call for batch analyses. For example, users may prepare a batch of samples to measure consecutively. They have the need to enter sample information then measure each sample in turn. The MultiQuant software now allows this either by adding the details from a list manually in the software, or by copying the whole list from the clipboard directly into the batch facility available in the Analysis section. After analysis, it is now a simple process to copy results directly from the log file into Excel or Open Office. This is particularly useful for users who need to produce their own reports without going through a LIMS system.

Lastly, MultiQuant 6.1 is fully compatible with the MQC Autosampler, speeding sample throughput, especially useful when samples require conditioning at a non-ambient temperature. The Autosampler also allows sample tubes to be automatically tared, moved from the conditioning block to the balance and finally into the magnet for measurement without further user intervention.

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