• Using Benchtop NMR in drug development laboratories

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Using Benchtop NMR in drug development laboratories

Jan 04 2024

Are you interested in gaining a greater understanding of your candidate molecules or reaction intermediates?

NMR spectroscopy is one of the most powerful tools for the structural elucidation of an unknown chemical compound, and the structural confirmation of known compounds. During the later stages of the drug development and manufacturing processes benchtop NMR, can be used to investigate a range of samples from quality control of stock chemicals, to identifying components in complex reaction mixtures.

In this application note, the X-Pulse broadband benchtop NMR Spectrometer from Oxford Instruments is used to perform a full structural elucidation of the anti-inflammatory drug, ibuprofen. It explains how using one- and two-dimensional proton and carbon-13 spectra, the molecule is identified as the monocarboxylic acid, ibuprofen.

Read the application note: Structural Elucidation by Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy: Ibuprofen.

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